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Types of Drink Coasters Available for Printing

Types of drink coasters drink mats available in malaysia supplies2u.my

Drink Coasters, sometimes referred as drink or beverage mats, come in various sizes, shapes, colours and materials. 

Which Drink Coasters will suit my business needs? A few factors will determine your choice, such as theme, occasion, purpose, quality and budget. 

The following are drink coasters available at Supplies2u.my for customisation and printing:

Eco Tissue Coasters 

Also known as laminated tissue coaster, eco tissues are safe, non-toxic and water absorbent, which is why many hotels and restaurants choose this coaster for dining tables and even as a hotel room amenity.

Pulp Board Coasters

Made from solid wood pulp board. Pulp Board Coasters are durable and perfect for restaurants, cafes and bistros. It can also be used for promotional giveaways and customised to any design you wish, which is why they are a Best Seller at Supplies2u.my. Pulp Board coasters come in thickness of 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm.

Cork Coasters 

Made from Cork Oak Tree, Cork material can be used as non-slip and protect your table top from stains or drink marks. Cork is a great material for insulation and will keep your tabletops scratch-free.

Laminated Coasters 

Tough and durable. Laminated paper material is sealed to cork coasters to produce a glossy finish.

MDF Coasters 

Short for Medium-Density Fibreboard, MDF is an engineered wood product made from both hard and soft wood residuals, combined into wood fibres by high temperature and pressure.

Apart from being made solid, it is an inexpensive and a great replacement for wood.

Plastic Coasters

Built tough and solid, Plastic Coasters are reusable and replacements are not costly. Many of our customers use Plastic Coasters as promotional gifts. 

Perfect for promotional giveaways.

Silicone Coasters 

Great for hot drinks. Silicone coasters are non slip and will protect your table surface from any scratches. Reusable and inexpensive to replace

PVC Coaster 

Another great promotional item. PVC coasters are often used by events, bars and restaurants and even cafe owners to promote their business. PVC coasters will not break or slip and there are many design possibilities.

PVC coasters are fully customisable and can be used as corporate gifts.


At Supplies2u.my our drink coasters can be custom made or choose from our broad range of standard sizes.

Whether you are a food service provider, restaurant, bar, cafe or hotel, advertise your brand/logo with us with your message or logo. We will be happy to package your drink coasters to your specifications.

Yours Truly,

Siti from Supplies2u.my

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