Give your Drinks a Makeover with these Drink Garnishes,

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Why is drink presentation so important? When completing your drink, the way your drink looks when it is served is what tempt your customer's eyes and makes them want to keep ordering.

The way your drink is presented is just as important as the taste. It can make or break a drink and turn any drink into a success if done right.

Without thoughtful presentation, a drink can look uninteresting even if it is tasty. When carefully executed, your drink will look more enticing and will add more flavour as well as character. 

Adding the right ornaments and using the correct blend of decorative accessory to match your drink's theme will definitely help you express your creativity as well as getting your drinks the attention it deserves. 

Here are some practical accessories made by to help you put a stamp on your drinks:


With a variety of colours and sizes, you can create your drink's theme with matching straws. At, all our straws can be sold with or without paper wrapping. Check out our collection of disposable straws HERE.


Drink Stirrers

Custom stirrers are essential for any food outlet looking to make a lasting impression on their customers. They are affordable even with printing and your customers will know you went the extra mile for them.

At, we have a huge variety of drink stirrers waiting to have your brand printed on. Check out our Drink Stirrers HERE.


Cocktail Picks

An even cost effective option to put a stamp on your brand. Mark your drinks or food with your brand and your customers will love you for it. Some of our clients have used Cocktail Picks on their mocktails or cocktails.

For some Cocktail Pick ideas please have a look HERE.


Drink Garnish 

Looking to sprinkle your logo or theme on your hot drinks? We help our clients develop garnishes of their choice. Some of our clients use garnishes to sprinkle chocolate powder on their mocha drinks.

Check it out HERE


Drink garnishing accessories aren't just meant to be functional, they can be a perfect way to showcase your drink and turn it into something very special. 

We hope this article inspired you with some ideas to take the beverages you are selling further.


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