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Types of Personalised Pencils in Malaysia and Custom Print on Pencils to reach more customers!

Custom personalised pencils printing supplier manufacturer malaysia

Here is a fact, pencils make great promotional gifts. Generally, pencils are inexpensive and when thoughtfully assembled,  they can help promote your brand even when you don't expect it. 

Think about it - Pencils are suitable for all ages, boys, girls and adults alike. Not only are pencils useful, they are practical and durable. Once your customers walk out with pencils with your brand printed on it, it is exposed to anyone and everyone that sees it, and that is free advertising for any business. 

There lies a pencil which has been sitting on my office desk for a very long time, and has been here long even before I started working at (Target Direction Sdn Bhd). It was a pencil with an airline brand printed on it. Even after these years, the brand print is still visible and has been serving me well. Although the pencil cosmetics has aged, it is still just as durable and reliable, which is how the brand still positions itself to this day.

Because pencils are so useful and part of our everyday lives, they tend to be taken for granted, but the brand advertising impact is a long lasting one and businesses should still consider using pencils as part of their promotional giveaways. 

Promotional pencils serve as a business message which are useful to customers. They can be used to advertise your brand, raise awareness, promote a campaign or even used as a gesture of gratitude. 

Many businesses use pencils as giveaways during business conventions, trade shows and events because they are useful and have a lasting value. 

Hotels, airlines, restaurants and many businesses have been marketing their brands with promotional pencils for years. Company name, slogans, logo and contact information can be customised to pencils for a minimal cost and guarantees an extended brand exposure.

For your convenience, the following are a list of pencils available at

Pencil Types:

  • Round Top - Pencils leads do not show
  • Dip Top - Pencil leads are visible 

Colours Available:

  • Wood
  • Black
  • White
  • Maroon
  • Green
  • Blue

Whether you are a hotel or running a business, advertise your brand/logo with

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