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Food trucks are on the rise in Malaysia and the trend is forecasted to double every year. This means that food trucks are rapidly gaining popularity, and Malaysians are now hunting for the best food truck around town.

While this may be good news to the food truck business, competition is also increasing. Many food truck owners serve wonderful meals, but what is stopping your competitors from doing the same?

Of course good food and service is important, but if customers are not able to differentiate your brand from one to another, your customers might just move on to your competitors, even if the food served is not as tasty as yours.

You don't need a corporate marketing plan to ensure the success of your marketing campaign, however, you may want to think about how to attract more customers or gain customer loyalty.

Here are 10 tips to promote your food truck:

1. Social Media - Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook are essential to stay in touch with your customers. Keep your customers updated with your location, opening times and menu.

2. Free food for sharing on social media - Offer your customers complimentary food or drinks for liking, commenting or sharing on their social media profiles.

3. Contact Local Food Bloggers - Identify food bloggers in your area and invite them to sample food at your food truck. Ask if the bloggers would mind mentioning your creations to their followers.

4. Share Positive Media Posts - If you have been featured in an article, share it on any and every platform you can find. 
5. Reward cards and Discounts - Offer reward cards and stamps. For example, 1 free meal for 10 stamps to reward your customer's loyalty.
6. Referral Discounts - Reward your customers and the friends & family they bring to your food truck.

7. Giveaways - Run a promotion with giveaway freebies or a sample of your product. Guaranteed to generate a crowd.

8. Attend Local Events - Have a presence at a local events, allowing the residence of the area to get to know your brand.

9. Contests and Lucky Draws - Have fun with your customers. For example, naming a dish after your customer if they win your contest.

10. Be creative, keep customers engaged at your food truck - Games, Free phone charging stations or live music or even put on a show to keep your customers at your food truck.


The bottom line is, always strive to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourselves from the competition. Do not forget to market your brand on your food containers such as cups, bowls, food containers. You will definitely want your brand to be present when your customer shares it on social media or your food creations features on an article.

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