8 Reasons why Pens are still one of the best Marketing Product in Malaysia

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8 Reasons why Pens are still one of the best Marketing Product in Malaysia

The modest and unassuming pen. Used by large corporations and small businesses alike. It might be one of the most used promotional products on the market, and the reason is that promotional items such as pens have the power to influence consumer behaviour.

Comparing promotional items and newspaper advertising, most consumers will remember promotional items they received than recall the advertisements they have read elsewhere.

The pen, although a humble promotional gift, is a remarkable and practical marketing product you can give to your customers.

Here are 8 reasons to start advertising your brand on Pens:

High Usability: Pens are used frequently on a daily basis and is a tangible marketing product. On average, recipients are likely to keep their promotional gifts if they received a pen.

Cost Effective: Pens are usually sold in bulk and are generally inexpensive. Printing your brand on pens are very affordable and business owners as well as corporations consider pens as one of the most cost effective way to advertise.

Goodwill: A personalised pen is a great way to build goodwill towards customers and potential customers because they are great gifts and can convey help convey your message to customers.

Long Lasting Impression: Gift pens are usually brought to work or end up on the recipient's desk. It can be used for a long period of time and each time the recipient uses it, others can see your brand and thus increasing your exposure.

Pens are great for sharing: To add on to the previous point, pens are shared very frequently and can further extend your brand's reach and impact.

Pens are durable: Generally, businesses run paid advertising sporadically. Pens on the other hand have a shelf life of 6-12 months, giving any brand a longer lasting exposure periods. People will keep pens as long as it writes.

Pens are like or even better than Business Cards: Business cards can be misplaced. People commonly keep their pens on their desks, cars or bags. Print your company, logo, address, telephone number, email or website on pens and hand them out as a useful business card.

High Impact: Pens have Great ROI as a promotional item as people usually remember when they receive a pen as a gift. Pens create brand awareness as well as a positive image for your business.


People love receiving pens, why not try giving out promotional pens as your next marketing campaign? 

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