Expanding your Brand with these Must Print F&B Supplies In Malaysia

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Must Print Items for Restaurants, Bistros & Cafes

Must print restaurant and cafe items

For your convenience, the following are a list of items from Supplies2u.my that are customisable and are guaranteed to expand your brand's image outreach:

1. Paper Cups 

2. Clear PET Cups

3. Cup Sleeves

4. Paper Lunch Box

5. Sandwich Box

6. Paper Food Tray

7. Chinese Takeaway Box

8. Cake Boxes

9. Paper Bags

10. Food Paper Bags

11. Drink Coasters

12. Drink Stirrers

13. Cocktail Stirrers

14. Napkins

15. Sugar Sachets

16. Food or Grease Paper

17. Menu

18. Pens

19. Pencils

20. Straws with paper wrapping

21. Chopsticks with paper wrapping

22. Toothpicks with paper wrapping


Visit https://supplies2u.my for more Printing ideas, or speak one of our representatives:

Chris - 016 330 3770

Jason - 016 218 2031

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