Expanding your Brand with Food Packaging

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Food Packaging and Brand Expansion

Expanding your Brand with Food Packaging Malaysia Supplies2u.my

In 2017, people of all walks have smartphones, even children in secondary school have them. Almost every other person you know has a social media account and savvy business owners are grabbing every opportunity to expand their brand image on social media platforms.

How is social media connected to Brand Image? In a study called the Consumer Generated Media" , it is found that social media plays a significant part in consumer influence, but managers underestimate the power because they lack the knowledge on how to include social media into their marketing strategies. 

Imagine your customers sharing photos of your food on their Facebook or Instagram accounts without your brand being visible. That is free advertising lost!

So how would you get around this? Make your brand visible on EVERYTHING!

A customer consuming your food or beverage should never forget where they got their food from. Print your logo, your motto and your advertising messages onto anything you can. Your customers will love sharing your photos on their preferred social media platform.

You will be surprised how social media can influence your brand. Do not let another customer walk away without holding your brand.

At Supplies2u.my, we are committed to helping customers get their brand image out. For your convenience, please check out our article on items that are printable/customisable:

Expanding your Brand with these Must Print F&B Supplies In Malaysia

Make your brand visible with the facilities at Supplies2u.my and the items we offer.

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